REF01STEP 1: She communicates directly with the educator involved in the organisation of a tour, assisting him/her to formulate a clear vision for the project.

STEP 2: Using her 18 years of experience, she offers sound advice and suggestions, thereby tailor-making the itinerary to ensure that the tour is academically relevant and fully customised to meet the needs of both the educator and learners.

STEP 3: She then approaches reliable, accredited and reputable service providers, requesting a quotation from each. She presents these to the school, along with her recommendations and, with no allegiance to any one particular operator, her evaluation is completely objective, honest and impartial. Her loyalty lies fairly and squarely with the school and her focus is on achieving the best value for money.

STEP 4: She assists with the promotion of the tour, offering a professional PowerPoint presentation to parents and pupils, responding directly to all queries & concerns.

STEP 5: She remains personally involved with every aspect of the tour and liaises directly with the service providers, educators, parents and pupils from start to finish .... and beyond!